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Jamaica has a rich maritime history in all senses of the word.

Located at the entrance of Narragansett Bay, Jamestown is a historic island with a quaint village ambiance.

“Few places have impressed and attracted me as much in the course of my travels.

Averdant oasis in the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira’s diminutive size belies the exquisite beauty of this island.

Mallorca’s character is influenced mainly by its climate. The people of the Mediterranean know how to relax and take pleasure in the good things in life...

Strategically located in the Mediterranean, some 93 km south of Sicily, right on the main shipping route between Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, Malta and her neighbouring islands have throughout his

Marseille is a wonderfully diverse and cosmopolitan place. As well as being France’s oldest city, it boasts a population of some 2.3 million, second only to Paris.

Martha’s Vineyard is a very popular destination for Superyachts visiting New England as it offers a variety of different anchorages and shoreside activities for owners and guests.

Martinique is a delightful slice of France set down in the tropics, with a culture of its own, solidly based on West Indian Creole traditions.