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Cuba is the largest island in the West Indies chain and its ‘discovery’ and occupation by Spain dates back to Christopher Columbus ‘New World’ voyage of 1492.

The tiny state of Delaware is the second smallest state in the USA (after Rhode Island) and yet it is often referred to as the ‘first state’ since it was the first of the original thir

The nature island of Dominica prides itself as being one of the Caribbean's premium eco-tourism destinations, offering some of the most spectacular and beautiful scenery in the region.

This beautifully attractive and historic island with its regal mountain ranges, verdant river basins, azure anchorages, fine sandy beaches and historic cities continues to attract crewed yachts to

The small picturesque island of Formentera lies eleven nautical miles and a one hour boat trip away from the port of Ibiza. Formentera has a population of approximately 5,300.

Incorporated on March 27, 1911, the City of Fort Lauderdale is situated on the southeast coast of Florida, centrally located between Miami and Palm Beach.

Gentle warm breezes, crystal clear seas, swaying palms, azure lagoons and friendly smiling people all abound.

Strategically positioned at the gateway to the Western Mediterranean, Gibraltar has for many years been an important port of call for worldwide shipping.

Gloucester Point lies peacefully on the York River in southeast Virginia; and yet in its history, the area has seen some of the most definitive military struggles of the United States,

In 1055 St-Tropez was listed as Ecclesia Sancti Torpetis, named after one of Nero's centurians who was beheaded in Pisa for the sake of his religion.